Spray Tan

Our chosen brand uses only the finest, all natural ingredients available that are animal cruelty free and vegan. 


We have many years experience with this brand of solution and trusts that it will give you the perfect glow. We have five different levels of solutions. Don't worry, you will have just the right amount of color for whatever the occasion may be. 


This hand-airbrush spray tan works for all skin types and provides a completely natural glowing color (not orange!).

Hand Airbrush Spray Tan. (one time service) $35

Hand Airbrush Spray Tan Package of 3. $90

Aromatherapy Body Salt Glow & Hand Airbrush Spray Tan. $105

How To Prepare and What To Expect:

  • Shave and exfoliate your skin the night before or morning of your tan.

  • Do NOT wear lotion, makeup and deodorant.

  • Bring something loose to wear after tanning (Ideally a strapless cover up or loose dress, strapless bandeau) along with open shoes.

  • No sweating or working out after tanning. Be careful with water, washing hands. 

  • Wait 8 hours before showering. (If tanning late in the day, you may sleep in the tan before showering, however, the bronzer may come off on your sheets but will wash out. Wait at least 2 hours before getting in bed.)

  • When you shower, the water will turn brown because the bronzer is washing off. Your tan has developed under the bronzer. The tan is not washing off.

  • The tan will last 7-10 days if you: use soft body wash (no exfoliating beads), wash with your hands vs. wash cloth, loofah or any other cloth. 

  • We offer disposable thong panties you may wear while tanning. You should tan as you are comfortable. You may wear a swimsuit, just the disposable thong panties or nothing at all. The tanning room is a judgement free room!

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