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Reveal Your Skin’s Natural Beauty


Signature Vixen

A Sly Fox favorite!

Brighten your skin with this Vitamin C packed facial. A added hydroxy acid repairs the skin from the natural aging process.

Quick. Easy. Effective.

$75 / 35 min

*Includes facial massage

*Dermaplaning $40


Experience your favorite

like never before.

Deep skin prep Infusion, clear the area of fine, unwanted hair, an enzyme mask to remove any remaining debris, a powerful mask duo of an innovative clinical mask/Casmara Mask.

$125 / 50 min

Express Dermaplaning

$65 / 30 min.

Naturally Smooth

Begin with an infused deep-skin prep solution followed by a blend of glycolic acid and retinol to give immediate and noticeable results with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin firm and revitalized.

Finish with a clinical mask.

$120 / 45 min.

*Includes facial massage along with neck & shoulder massage

*Dermaplaning $40

Ion Fusion


Hydra-dermabrasion not only exfoliates, hydrates and nourishes with infusions, but also stimulates collagen growth along with simultaneous LED Light Treatment. Hydrafacials offer the ultimate deep cleanse.


*Dermaplaning $40

Lightening Wonder

Fight sun damage with the most innovatiove and effective botanical brighteners with plant derived stem cells. An infusion of a clinical skin brightening serum completes this treatment.

$95 / 45 min

*Includes facial massage along with neck & shoulder massage

*Dermaplaning cannot be added

to this facial


This treatment offers maximum results in how the skin functions and repairs itself; the true

fountain of youth!

We use top clinical APGF serums targeted for

microneedling results.


*McKenna has been nationally recognized with Clinical Resolution Labs for her microneedling results.

Please note that all facials include a skincare consultation and are now customized

more than ever to your skin type, concerns and needs.

To learn more about your esthetician CLICK HERE

We now offer a new Acne Facial that includes desincrustation with extractions. McKenna has an excellent track record with helping clients, of all ages, get flawless, clear skin. You can book this facial online or over the phone.

It is for ACTIVE acne clients only.


Acne. Fine lines. Wrinkles. Texture. Sun Damage.

Chemical Peels

Perfection Lift.

Increase skin cell turnover to repair and treat a variety of concerns caused by aging.

Individual Treatment. $65

Series Of Six. $360

*Series2-4 weeks apart

Perfection Lift Forte.

More aggressive results due to a higher percentage and a

lower pH level.

Individual Treatment. $70

Series Of Six. $390

*Series2-4 weeks apart

Beta Lift.

Quickly and effectively improve higher grades of active acne. Quickly see results.

Individual Treatment. $60

Series Of Six. $288

*Series2-4 weeks apart


Soft. Smooth. Clear.

Body Waxing



Brow Sculpting. $20

Please note that brow sculpting, and brow tint, is a add on service to a skincare treatment or other body waxing appointment.

Full Brazilian. $73

Men's Particial Back. $55

Full Back. $75+



Underarms. $20

Upper Lip. $5

Bikini. $35

French Bikini. $60

Lower Legs. $55



Nape of Neck. $30

Upper Chest. $45

Upper Chest & Abdomen. $95+

Due to the sensitive areas covered while performing wax treatments, your hair should be at least, preferably a little longer, the length of a grain of rice nor be excessively long. We will not decline anyone service,

though remembering this simple tip will make your experience much more enjoyable.

      *Please consult for pricing on any waxing procedures not listed.*

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