Botox. $12 per unit

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Botox. Juvederm.

This non-surgical technique will improve your skin's youthfulness. Botulinum toxins injections into your concern areas temporarily stop reactive muscles that form wrinkles in the forehead, the elevens between the eyebrows, lifting of the brow to open the palpebra area  and crows feet area on the outside of the eye area. These injections can be used as a preventative or as a treatment to existing concerns, as it stops crease causing movements before more damage is done.


Juvederm. $625 per syringe

Juvederm not only targets fine lines and wrinkles, but it also adds volume and fullness to area of concern. The natural aging process creating a lose in volume so the facial muscles work closer to the skin causing smile lines and crow's feet become more apparent. With this natural aging process our skin stretches adding to the lose of elasticity. Some other factors could be too much sun exposure, lifestlye and heredity. Remember, dermal fillers are temporary treatments for facial aging and that ongoing treatments along with a daily skincare routine will be needed for long-term results.

Dermal fillers can target:
• Thin lips
• Shallow contours
• Softens facial creases and wrinkles around the mouth, aka smokers lines

*Syringe can be split between two treatments and properly stored. The remaining amount of your syringe can be used within a 12 month period of initial appointment


Rewarding Loyalty

When you partner with Dr. Lakeman as your injector for multiple treatments, you will gain and maintain the aesthetic look you’re seeking. Firstly, regular treatments of botulinum toxins, Botox,  helps to maintain that wrinkle-free look you get after  an injection. When the muscles of the face are relaxed, the skin no longer moves in a manner that creates wrinkles. A regular, scheduled treatment plan ensures these movements are not being made over long periods of time, allowing the skin to repair itself and become smooth again (and stay that way!). Secondly, partnering with Dr. Lakeman regularly allows us to build a relationship that benefits you in the long run. If he knows your face and understands your Expectations, there’s no guessing on your treatment plan, no surprises as to where the injections should be placed, or how much Should Be used. Fine-tuning over time will allow your look to become better and better, treatment after treatment.  Below are ways that you can lower your treatment costs and come again, and again, and again!

Dr. Lakeman has over 20 years experience in the medical field along with certifications and trainings to bring our clients the best in cosmetic injectables. Dr. Lakeman goes above and beyond to ensure that you are comfortable by taking his time during a consultation and by using a customized process to lower any discomfort during Juvederm filler.

The consultation will be performed at the time of service.

Referral Program

Imitation is the best form of flattery so if someone asks, "WOW Your Botox/Filler looks so good! Where did you get it?!" Refer them to Dr. Lakeman and get REWARDED! Before leaving each treatment with Dr. Lakeman you will receive some referral cards, write your name on the back and let your friend know to show us when they come in! Your NEW referral friend will receive 10% off their first visit of the total amount and you will get $25 off your next VISIT! Super easy and hassle free! If you run out of referral cards, don't worry, you can always stop by for MORE!

Our system easily keeps up with referrals. You can use up to $100 in referral reward dollars per each treatment.

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Non Surgical Face Lift


A PDO Thread Lift is a revolutionary new treatment in the world of aesthetics! A PDO Thread Lift mechanically results in instant skin lifting. Second, it contracts fat tissue to result in instant skin tightening. Third, it promotes collagen production and neovascularization to renew your skin at the cellular level. All of this works together to give you enhanced skin texture, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and more elastic skin.

Series of Three Treatments

For best results, it is recommended to get a series of three treatments per area

one month apart for best results lasting up to two years.

Total amount will be one payment in order to receive a discounted price.


$300 Per Treatment

Three Treatments For Best Results Lasting Up To Two Years: $850


Jowls / Jawline

$500 Per Treatment

Three Treatments For Best Results Lasting Up To Two Years: $1300



$200 Per Treatment

Three Treatments For Best Results Lasting Up To Two Years: $550

*Three treatments PLUS

Juvederm Filler $995

Brow Lift


$350 Per Treatment

Three Treatments For Best Results Lasting Up To Two Years: $995

Vertical Lines
Between The Brows

$300 Per Treatment

Three Treatments For Best Results Lasting Up To Two Years: $850