Microneedling is sweeping the aesthetics world more than ever. With the technology and innovative serums by Clinical Resolution Lab we are reaching the masses with real results. If you have concerns with uneven skin tone, hyper pigmentation, fine lines wrinkles, large pores, acne scars or even hair loss we can target those concerns. At The Sly Fox we can make those problems completely disappear or make them so minimal that you rarely notice them or think about them. Our goal is to live life makeup free! 

Single Treatment For Scar Minimizing serum and Peptide Recovery Mask. $195

Series of Six: $999

Single Treatment with APGF Serum and Recovery Mask: $225

Series of Six: $1200

Add On To Your Treatment

Add The Chest Area: $40

Add On LED Light Treatment $25+

Add Dermaplaning to your Treatment: $40

Add Ion Fusion MD Pure Aqua: $70

Add Ion Fusion MD Glow: $99

Add Ion Fusion MD Signature: $110

Add Ion Fusion MD Hydra-Indulgence: $135

Collagen Induction For Lips. $85

Series of Six. $480

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What Is Microneedling and What Are The Benefits?

Microneedling is a technique used to create micro channels which activate the body’s natural healing process and most importantly it stimulates regeneration. The regeneration of your dermis, “true skin”, stimulates natural growth factors resulting in collagen growth. Collagen growth aids in treating acne scars, increasing elasticity and targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

Microneedling is not only great for treating the above concerns but it also increases the efficacy of product penetration by 3000 times it’s average efficacy. These micro channels serve as more than just a method of regrowth  


What Skin Type Is This Treatment For?

Microneedling is great for aging skin that has thinned which leads to lack of elasticity, skin that has hyperpigmentation or sun damage, acne scars or other similar scaring.

There are certain skin types that do not need to be treated. For example, skin with active acne or infection, hepatitis, autoimmune disease, blood clotting problems to list a few. These contraindications are very specific so majority of clients can receive this treatment.

Please refrain from using any topical steroids for at least 3 months and discard use of any Vit A derived products a minimum of 12 hours prior to treatment as these products create thinning of the skin. All clients will receive detailed post care instructions in order to avoid in irritation.



What Is The Downtime Associated With It and How Often Is It Recommended?

Unlike many regenerative treatments out there microneedling does not damage the skin’s barrier which aids in an extremely low downtime. Within three hours micro channels have already healed due to the exact process stimulated by microneedling. A few possible side effects.

                                        * Erythema

* Skin Tightening and Drying

    * Minor Peeling and Exfoliation

Most of the possible side effects are minor. The great advantage of using the Innopen it that it has multiple design qualities that leave room for 0% error during the treatment which lowers side effects as well as downtime that other microneedling pens do not have.

Depending on the concern being treated microneedling is recommended every four to six weeks with a total of six to eight treatments. Reported results from just one treatment has increased over a six-month period thanks to the natural regeneration process.



This is a treatment that has little downtime as a client can return to their regular skincare routine after three days, it is minimally invasive and ablative and much more affordable than a series of laser treatments or similar methods which damage the skin’s barrier in hopes that it targets the concern.

With microneedling we can treat the entire face, the neck, chest or any other area where the clients is concerned with hyperpigmentation, acne scarring or fine lines an wrinkles.

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