Electrolysis is the only type of hair removal that is proven to be permanent and is used on smaller areas of unwanted hair. The most common places to use electrolysis are on the brows, upper lip and chin. That's not to say that it couldn't be used on other small areas.

$20 per 15 minute appointment

Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis is suited for every skin type and color. All of this, combined with the price at which this service is performed, help set electrolysis apart from other permanent hair removal solutions. Please contact us to set up an initial consultation in which we will explain the process, answering any and all questions.

Electrolysis Contraindications:

• Pacemaker/ Heart Conditions
• Epilepsy
• Bleeding disorders
• Diabetes 

• Metal dental or facial implants including plates, braces or pins
• Pregnancy
• Cancer
• Recent laser resurfacing

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Anonymous Client

Electrolysis from The Sly Fox has been such a huge blessing to my life.I used to spend up to two hours a day plucking hairs and damaging my skin. McKenna has given me my life back! I was a slave to hair removal and spent so much time trying to conceal my facial hairs with make-up. Now, I can get up and confidently walk out of the house with no-make and no wasted

time hidden in the bathroom.

It's the best thing I think I've ever done for myself! 

Anonymous Client

June of 16 I was so discouraged by my face due to break outs and irritations around my chin and neck. I spent at least 15 - 20 minutes of each day in front of the magnifying mirror plucking out unwanted thick black hairs on my chin and neck. Little did I realize the more I plucked the more I increase hair growth and causes damage and breakouts to my skin. I had only slight redness after each appointment but with just a little makeup I was able to return to my daily busy life immediately after each appointment. As the growth decreased we moved to two week appointments and now we are a year later and I just go in for touch ups about every six weeks. Now the over all looks of my skin is so much better due to the hair no longer growing and great advice from McKenna on how to care for my skin appropriately. The service is very reasonable priced for the new confidence you gain when you are not worried about others seeing dark hair on your face or that you are growing a better beard than your husband. I am so glad that I was able to receive this high quality service here in Walker County without traveling to Birmingham or Atlanta.  Thanks McKenna for bringing electrolysis and so many other services to Jasper, AL.