Crystal Microdermabrasion 

This is a classic must have in the med spa industry to include in your routine professional skincare. One of the biggest factors in pre-mature aging is lack of exfoliation. This gently exfoliates allowing for higher skin cell turnover which helps renew and repair the skin. Professional exfoliation also allows your at home products to penetrate deeper as it is not fighting up to twenty layers of dead skin cells, dirt, oil and pollution.

Skin For Life Treatment. $99

With this treatment we will cover the face, neck and chest area as all are exposed to the elements and are vulnerable to signs of aging. After treating all three areas with fine, high quality aluminum oxide crystals a customized mask will be applied to all areas along with your choice of a neck/shoulder or a hand/arm massage. To end this facial, correct serums, moisturizer, eye cream and  lip treatment will be applied to help nourish and hydrate your smooth, exfoliated skin. 

Series of Six. $534

Add On LED Light Treatment $25+.

Add On Dermaplaning. $40

Skin For Life Express Treatment. $70

Need a quick "pick me up" exfoliation service?.... This is the perfect option! With this treatment the face and neck will be treated with fine, high quality aluminum oxide crystals. After a quick dusting, correct serum, moisturizer, eye cream and lip treatment will be applied.

Series of Six. $390

Add On LED Light Treatment $25+.

Add On Dermaplaning. $40

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