Rezenerate Nanofacial

This is  the  newest  skin  care  modality  on  the  market. It uses nanotechnology to  bring  you  the  same  great  results  as  more  invasive  systems  without  any  of  the downtime. We use the proven clinical serums from Clinical Resolution Labs used in our microneedling services. We can target anti-aging, hyperpigmentation and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused from trauma to the skin such as breakouts. We strive to bring our clients the right options for their concerns and lifestyle! Our goal is to live life makeup free! 

What Is Verified Nano Technology?

 Rezenerate's disposable tips are 1000x  +  smaller  than  any  needle allowing the customized serum penerate but not create microchannels so there's no downtime! In fact, the tips  are  smaller  than  human  cells. Non  Invasive,  safe,  &  effective!


Nanofacial or Microneedling?

Both techniques have their advantages. The nanafacial is perfect for the client that is trying to prevent premature aging, prevent hypigmentation from increasing in severity, a client with very sensitive skin or a low pain threshold as well as a client that needs to maintain their microneedling results. Deeper winkles, acne scars and severe malasma should still be treated with microneedling but the nanofacial opens a whole new door to clients that need dramatic results with no pain or downtime at a less expensive cost.

What is the downtime if any?

This treatment is great if you have an event or a trip coming up because the downtime is extremely minimal. As it is noninvasive don't underestimate it's power so we recommend no sweating or Retinol products for at least 24 hours and it could cause irritation. Otherwise, clients can return to their daily routine. We perfer clients to not wear makeup right after as just to keep the skin clean and allowing the serums to continue to penetrate but it is completely fine if some light makeup is needed right after a treatment.