Brows & Lashes: Sculpting, Henna Brows, Brow & Lash Tinting and Lash Lifts

Lashes and brows are not taken lightly here at The Sly Fox Day Spa & Wellness. Brows do so much to frame the face and lashes can be a bold, beautiful statement that opens up the eyes for a vibrant and youthful look. 

Brow Sculpting. $15

If you are looking for a professional brow sculpting service and not a 5 minute "oh gosh, why just happened to my eyebrows" this is the service for you. We consult about starting to re-scultp your brows after a "bad" brow wax. 

This is a true service at our spa. All licensed professionals have been through extensive training on how to perfectly sculpt a brow. We use a premium wax that is perfect for sensitive skin and also use tweezers to define the perfect brow shape. After sculpting all clients receive three products on their brows- Elke Brow Tamer, Elke Brow Fixx and Elke Brow Highlighter or Elke Brow Blender. With these products your brows have never looked better and you will be ready to face anything, or anybody, that your day brings!

Hello Henna Brow. $35

Hello Henna has taken the brow world by storm in the UK and Australia and it has just recently made it's US debut! We are ahead by being one of the first to offer this established brand and we are thrilled to create and transform brows!

This plant derived product can be customized to tint brow hairs and the skin leaving you with a soft, shaded brow tattoo effect. The tint of the hairs last up to seven weeks versus traditional tint which is only up to six weeks. The tint on the skin last up to twelve days f the aftercare is followed. As following with the aftercare, some skincare products may need to be omitted or exchanged for oil free products but our licensed professionals can help you with that.

The appointment can take up to 45 minutes as it can take up the three layers and a combination of customized colors to match the desired results. This is a premium brow service so get ready for the full experience here at The Sly Fox Day Spa!

*Ammonia & Lead Free

*Gentle On The Skin

*Covers Scars, Bad Microblading or Tattoos

*Effectively Covers Gray Hairs

Brow Tinting. $22

We have every tint color to choose from so you will be sure to walk out satisfied with your tint. Results last up to six weeks. 

Lash Lift. $65

Need some curl to your lashes?…. This service can give any lashes the wow factor and really open up the eyes for that youthful look in just 20 minutes. If you lack curl to your lashes then this service can give you a natural lash extension look in a fraction of the time and cost. Results can last up to 8-10 weeks. 

Lash Tinting. $35

This is a great service for all lash hair colors and lengths. If you have light lashes in color and density you will be amazed at your results and others will be sure to notice as well. Results last up to six weeks. 

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