Body Waxing 

It is pure myth that waxing should only occur during the summer months. Waxing is a process that should be kept up with month to month, if done properly and at the right time, the results are unmeasurable.

Brow Sculpting $15+

Upper Lip $5 

Underarm(s) $20 

 Lower Arm(s) $25 

Full Arm(s) $45 

   Bikini $30


French Bikini $55 

Full Brazilian $65

Lower Back $20

Lower Leg(s) $45

Full Leg(s) $90

Toes $10

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Women's Facial & Body Waxing

Men's Facial & Body Waxing 

Brow Cleanup $10

Neck $30

Underarm(s) $20

Lower Arm(s) $30

Full Arm(s) $50

Upper Chest $ 35

Upper Chest & Abdomen Combo $60

Partial Back $45

Full Back $65

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Due to the sensitive areas covered while performing wax treatments, your hair should be at least the length of a grain of rice nor be excessively long. We will not decline anyone service , though remembering this simple tip will make

your experience much more enjoyable

      *Please consult for pricing on any waxing procedures not listed.*