Bearded Bastard Treatments

Give your beloved beard some attention with this treatment brought to you by Bearded Bastard products made in Austin, TX. To learn more about the brand Bearded Bastard please visit their website.

Bearded Bastard Hot Oil Treatment. $47

In this 30 minute service your beard will be cleansed and start to soften with steam while a light therapy is used to kill any bacteria within the beard or on the skin. Then for the hot oil treatment with continued steam, hot towels wrapped around your beard with a scalp or hand massage. The oil treatment is then removed with a steamy towel. We start to prepare your beard for the final touches by brushing it with the Bearded Bastard preferred wooden beard comb, beard balm is then applied and brush through with a boar's hair brush. This brush is sure not to break or pull any beard hairs out and allows for your beard to be SUPER soft, groomed and shaped.

Add On Hydrating Facial Mask. $20

Our licensed esthetician will cleanse and customize a hydrating enzyme mask during your hot oil treatment.

Add On Cleanse, Steam, Extract. $30

Don't just get your beard cleaned up! Our licensed estheticians can also cleanse your skin and help rid your skin of any breakouts.

Add On Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion. $40

This treatment can add the ultimate experience in grooming! Microdermabrasion is great for exfoliation, preventing breakouts, ant-aging, uneven skin tone and more!